Who Do I Admire

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Who do I admire?
*Present myself*

Most of the people have somebody who they admire, that person can be a writer, an artist, a politician, some kind of public figure, a celebrity or even a friend. But that person who I admire is somebody very close to me, that person is my father.

My father is not a great scientific, politician, artist or something like that. Neither has done something big to the society. He’s just a normal father and a good one by the way. So, you may ask yourselves, that if he hasn’t done anything special, why would you admire him?

Well, to understand better about the reason why I admire him, I’m going to tell you about his life. My dad was born in La Romana in the 1970’s, since he was born he was raised in a poor environment, but besides that he had a lack of his parents love and support. That means he didn’t have an easy childhood.

Even though his parents weren’t such good parents that didn’t affect much my father, because he at least had support of some people of his family. My father since he was a kid had dreams and goals, like most of the people do. But to fulfill one of his goals, he needed to study and graduate from high school.

The problem is that his family didn’t have enough money to pay a student expenses. But my father didn’t let anything to stop him to fulfill he’s goals so he being a kid started to work as a shoe shiner to earn money by his own just to pay the school expenses.

While years were passing by, my father was maturing faster than any other person of his age, due to the situation he was living. His high school graduation day came, and he had the will to continue developing in his studies, he wanted to go to the university to become a professional and so to be able to reach one of his goals.

Since he was a poor person without the necessary resources to pay a university, he needed to ask help. He asked for any help to his familiars and friends, but nobody could help him, and he decided to ask his...
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