Who Do You Think You Are?

Topics: Photography, Photograph, Eye Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: August 15, 2011
IELTS Candidate
Photographs 2009

The following guidelines are provided for centres to follow in the management of test day photos; the decision to accept the photographs submitted by a candidate is at the Administrator’s discretion.

▪ Candidates provide two identical colour photographs that are not more than six months old ▪ Cross reference with passport photograph (if the same has been used check the date of issue of the passport) ▪ Black and white photographs must not be accepted

▪ The image must be clearly visible i.e. the photographs must not be stamped, signed / written on, marked, folded, stapled over or damaged in any way

• Standard passport sized photograph
• Minimum 35 mm in width
• Minimum 45 mm in height

• A close-up of the head and top of shoulders (80%+ of the photo) • Looking straight towards the camera with face square on • Both ears showing or both edges of the face visible if hair covers the ears • NOT personal portrait style (glamour shot)

• NOT looking over one shoulder
• Head not tilted or rotated

• Print quality of professional standard
• High quality paper and colour image
• No ink or marks on the image

• No shadows or glare on the image or background
• Good colour balance that shows skin tones naturally
• A plain, light coloured background (beige, white, blue background recommended, not red) - no objects in the background
- no patterned background
• Appropriate brightness and contrast
• Uniform lighting/ sharp focus and clear
• No ‘red eye’

• A neutral expression with mouth closed
- no smiling, squinting, frowning or raised eyebrows
• Nothing covering the face
• Eyes open and clearly visible
- no hair covering the eyes

• Nothing should hide the outlines of the eyes, nose or mouth • No glasses (please...
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