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Who Discovered America?

By Iris88 Nov 03, 2008 299 Words
Oscar Wilde once said: “Perhaps, after all, America never has been discovered. I myself would say that it had merely been detected.” If this was true, then shall we call Columbus the great detective? Or was it someone else who really “detected” America?

The common knowledge lays in the fact that Christopher Columbus was the one who discovered America in 1492. However, this issue has always been a thorny one, since there isn’t enough evidence that this is a fact. Regarding the events that were going on in that period of time, India, the Middle East and the China were more developed than Europe, which was going through the dark ages. Indians and Arabs were famous for their trading routes, so it might be possible that they have passed by America. Some stories say that an Arab navigator went on a journey across the ocean to what he called “the unknown territory” which lies in the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, the Tibetans and the American Indians have much in common regarding their spiritual culture. What’s also interesting is that a map was recently discovered in China that suggests that the Chinese discovered and mapped America a long time before Columbus. Other claims say that the Vikings discovered North America. As known, the Vikings were great sailors and traders. They sailed for the sake of exploration and trade. They might have reached America during their trips, but probably thought of it as an unknown land as well as the Arabs.

The detection has been made decades ago, and everyone is trying to be the first to solve the mystery of “who” discovered America first; however, when I think about it, I only ask myself… where did the Native Americans originate from? Wouldn’t this help solve the mystery?!

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