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Social Enterprise Award is an annual award to social entrepreneurs and enterprises that have innovative ideas in social change. To find out the most excellent applycants, we rely on the achievements that they have made for the society, such as making profits for social purposes, tranforming people’s health, bringing communities together, passion for the environment. The award worth £500.000 will be divided for 4 winners: £300.000 for the overall winner and £200.000 to be divided between the other three finalists. Also, they will receive a free consultation from one of the UK’s leading social entrereneurs as well as publicity in the Daily Times. There are thousands of people applying for the award. After carefully discussing and judging, we have choosen the four finalists: David Horn: set up Top Note Orchestra (TNO), aims to develop aspiring talent, especially young people who can’t afford music lessons. Carla D’Silva: graduated from art school, has won several awards for her art and opened D’Silva Arts Centre. Sally Warren: The enterreneur of City Leisure Unlimited (CLU), a local council sport center. Jamie Barnes: The owner of Barnes Apprentices Restaurants and the writter of many cookbooks.

Finally, the overall winner, who will get the arward worth £300.000, is Carla D’’Silva. D’Silva Arts Centre has helped thousands of mentally ill people change their life through art therapy and runs street art course for children having problems at schhool. But what impressed us most is her daring idea about expanding the art therapy to prisoners. If this plan works, it’ll make an active impact to the community. David Horn’s achievements deserve to get the £100.000-worth award. TNO has trained 400 young musicians from poor city areas and given many passionnate concerts over the country. And the sales from these concerts will go back into the orchestra such as buying more instrument and setting up new projects. TNO also give music...
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