Who Describes the Current State of American Politics Most Accurately? Schmitt or Rousseau

Topics: Political philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, United States Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: October 5, 2008
Does Schmitt or does Rousseau describe the current state of American politics most accurately?

Carl Schmitt, a German political theorist and Jean Jacques Rousseau, a French political philosopher, both give their views on democracy and its inner workings. Schmitt show great disdain for democracy. He believes it is corrupt and “seems fated [then] to destroy itself…” Rousseau clearly believes in democracy; where the citizens have duties to the nation and enter into a social contract with the sovereign. Rousseau’s ideas seem more gear to the way democracy is supposed to be, where as Schmitt’s seem more based upon his observations of democracy. Together their opinions combine to illustrate the current state of American politics.

American government is built upon the election of men and women to represent the greater good of the nation. Decisions are made based upon what the general will of the society wants and needs. According to Schmitt this isn’t always the case. We often get law passed or people elected into office that large sections of the country don’t want in office because of conflict of interest. Schmitt argues that “it is no longer a question of persuading one’s opponent of the truth or justice but rather of the majority in order to govern with it.” This has happened many times in the history of the United States, for example take the 2004 presidential election. President Bush was elected into office by a few thousand votes. Yet many people today can’t stand Bush and think he’s an awful president. If Bush was truly elected into office by a general consensus more people wouldn’t have a problem with him like they currently do.

A large component of American Democracy is equality for all of its citizens, because we are “the land of the free.” This is a large reason many people immigrate to the US, they hope to gain a better life through their freedoms acquired by entering the country. One back draw of this is, do these people really gain the freedom...
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