Who dare they be

Topics: Gothic fiction, Jane Eyre, Love Pages: 8 (1194 words) Published: May 8, 2014
possible questions:

how does the lack of affection and love affect jane and lead to a transformation in character?.

how is the theme of jealousy prevalent in chapter 1?

what are jane’s feeling towards her family in chapters 1-5?

do you feel that being abused has the same effect and is treated the same way as in jane’s time ass it is in today’s world?

discuss the theme of abuse presented in the novel.

how does jane undergo a transformation in chapters 1- 5

discuss the use of tone

what darkness is being foreshadowed from jane’s time in the red room?

are there any elements of love found in jane’s relationships with the reeds?

which is stronger for jane, anger or sadness?

compare jane’s description of herself with the way the reeds describe her

should you love a family that does not love you?

april 11 sample T S and meaning conclusion hints

TS In chapter ___ Jane’s forthright and overdue remarks to Mrs. Reed display a distinct ability to stand up and pronounce her true and unbridled emotions.

In conclusion perhaps discuss the effect these emotions may have had on both parties.


TS The incidents of abuse Jane suffers at the end of chapter one and at the beginning of chapter two enable the reader to sympathize immensely with the protagonist and allow for a sense of solidarity to form.

In conclusion perhaps discuss how this sympathy may be needed and how it may shape other reader responses. Or how it may affect our judgment of the abusers


TS The theme of abandonment portrayed through Jane’s experiences at Gateshead in the middle of chapter two establishes a significant part of her personality as she embarks on her personal growth.

In conclusion perhaps discuss the dangers of such abandonment and its lasting effects. Or perhaps make a prediction about her future considering this abandonment took place.


TS The loving bond that developed between Jane and Helen Burns at the end of chapter 9 showed the importance of having strong connections.

In conclusion perhaps discuss what may have happened if either Helen didn’t die or if the bond had not developed. How might either have affected Jane? Did this bond drive Jane to seek new relationships now fully knowing and understanding .the benefits / pitfalls?


TS The recurring use of ‘light” in chapters two, four and eight develop a sense of the supernatural in the novel, as a possible protector/ more sinister force / a foreshadowing effect.

In conclusion perhaps discuss how Jane deals with the ‘light” motif / what usually occurs both before and after the incidents.

Jane Eyre

Please refer to the web site below for short summaries and questions which are brought up in the summaries. Themes: hope love or searching for love romance marriage moral obligation (do the right thing) society/ class division the supernatural class distinction rebellion gender issues the idea of the gothic novel domesticity (the idea of home/ the home and what that means) setting and its importance

Read each chapter of the novel.



Read the short summaries from the web site. Select one of the questions or points examined in the short summaries and explain in a well-developed paragraph. (approx. 20 sentences)

One well developed response for every 5 chapters. You decide which chapter and which point /ideas you are going to address.

1-5 _____ 6- 10_____ 11-15____ 16- 20 ____ 21-25 ____ 26- 30 ____ 31- 35 ___

36- 38 free

Each response should be approximately 500 words. 2 plus pages typed size 12 TNR. 3 pages written?

You do not have to type. But please make sure I can read your writing.

I am not going to assign a question. I would rather you picked it yourself. Devise your own question from the summaries /points/ ideas.

The question can be really simple such as: This paragraph...
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