Who Am I as a Learner

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Who am I as a Learner?
I am passionate to learn new things in an interesting way. I am a quick learner of theories andconcepts if it is delivered through visuals and demonstrations. I would prefer to learn in a practical way rather than reading books, articles and journals. However, I am a good survivor in nature. S

o, if in case I would have to learn through books and articles I could do thateffectively. I believe in learning through a mix of theory and practice. S
ometimes I may get bored if I am only into theories and not in practice. I am interested in learning complexthings, simple things may make me bored. I believe in learning through group discussion, as Icould share the knowledge easily and in a communal way. I am very analytical and creativein nature. I feel writing is a good learning practice. W

riting refines the learned materials.My strengths in learning are, I am always eager to solve difficult problems and learnsomething new from those problems. I feel making assignments is a better practice rather than exams. However, I am good in tackling exams as well. W

hen I do assignments, Iexperience a lot of questions rising and it makes me interesting to find answers for thosequestions. I would prefer to find the answers through a podcast or a video file rather than books. I like to read learn through visuals. I am good in relating things, when I learn anyfundamentals I could use it properly in a difficult situation. I am always eager to knowsomething new and interested in keeping me updated in the area where I¶m interested in. Icould quickly understand when someone explains about hard theories. I always try to learnsomething from people I meet.My weak points are, sometime I may get bored in reading books, articles and journals.However, some articles are interested in reading but not all. S

ometimes I cannot concentrateon things which I am not interested in. But, if I am forced to do that I will probably makemyself concentrating in to that. S
ometimes, I don¶t understand difficult concepts by reading books; I may need lectures or visual explanations. V
ARK learning style test: Multimodal study strategy
ccording to
RK results I am into multimodal study strategy,
RK result says that,³Multimodal study strategy people have 3 to 4 mode of preferences, in which they use theone according to the people around them. They could easily match or align their mode to the thers around them. But if they want to annoy other people then they could stand in adifferent mode and make others do in an alternate way´. W

hen I am looking into the
RK report, it exactly resembles my mode of learning. I have 4modes of learning one is V
isual, Oral, Reading and
riting. However, I would prefer to usevisual mode most of the time. But if the circumstance made me to use another mode I wouldreadily adopt other mode without wasting the time. VA
RK says that people who havemultimodal preferences have told that it is often essential for them to use more than onestrategy to learn better and communicate better. People with multi modal strategy feelinsecure if they have only one mode of learning. Mental muscle test

Briggs type Indicator states about my personality type as ENFJ that is I am a kind of personwho always seek to build up and encourage growth in my friends and family. I may have aintellect potential about them that may broaden away from how they see themselves. I alsotry to find out the potential within relationships or the team. But, I never push the people sohard that ends up creating conflicts, because maintaining the harmony is very important for me. I agree with the Briggs type indicators report. I always believe in relationships andfriendships that make everything easy. I never try to get into any conflict that spoils therelationship as relationship is more important for me. It also states that my dominant functionis feelings and very extraverted, I don¶t agree with the above statement...
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