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Generation why?
Attracting the bankers
of the future

The Deloitte Talent in Banking Survey 2013




Executive summary


Introduction and methodology


Weathering the storm: The popularity of working in banking


What tomorrow’s bankers want: Learning and earning


Worth waiting for: Banking-oriented students’ career goals


Room to improve: What banking-oriented students don’t expect from a job in banking


A local challenge for global banks


Is investment banking different?






The findings of this report are based on data gathered and
produced in collaboration with Universum. Universum is
an international organisation that has been working in the
field of employer branding since 1988. Universum delivers
a full range of services in research, strategic consulting
and communication solutions that enable employers to
better understand, attract and retain talent. For more
information, please visit www.universumglobal.com.


For bankers, managing the aftermath of the financial
crisis must have often felt like a war of attrition, with
battles won swiftly followed by new and tougher
Few top bankers would dare claim that the industry
is ‘fixed’. However, many are beginning to turn their
eyes to the future. What’s the destination? What sort
of culture do they aspire to? And, fundamentally,
what does that mean for the management of bank
Given regulatory pressure, a swath of recent scandals
and evolving social attitudes towards the industry,
bankers recognise that their talent strategy, from
recruitment through performance management and
compensation, must change. In particular, many
are focusing on their graduate hires who will be the
culture-carriers of the banks of the future.
In discussing these issues with senior executives at
leading institutions, several key questions emerge:
How have students’ career intentions changed since
the financial crisis?
What motivates students considering a career in
banking, i.e. what are their aspirations?
How do students perceive banking? What
associations does the industry carry for them?
How do these feelings vary across borders?

Despite perceptions to the contrary, those
students considering a career in banking
rate training and development ahead of
The survey’s main findings are outlined in the executive
summary. In short, banks’ ability to attract ‘the best
and brightest’ is under threat. However, several insights
emerge that may serve as guidance for banks seeking
to make the most of the emerging generation of talent.
Despite perceptions to the contrary, those students
considering a career in banking rate training and
development ahead of money. So banks should
emphasise their top-class training schemes when
Banks need desperately to innovate in the face of
regulation and technology. Students considering a
career in banking seek innovation in their employers
but do not expect it in banking. This is a gap that must
be bridged.
Banking may be a global industry, but the aspirations
of students vary across borders: even global banks
need to tailor the careers they offer to local markets.
For those affected by the issues raised in this report,
we welcome your feedback and comments.

5) aspirations and associations differ between
domestic and international banks?
6) investment banks perceived differently from
retail, private and universal banks?
Deloitte has teamed up with Universum to help answer
these questions. Universum has surveyed student
intentions for a quarter of a century, permitting the
authors of this report to compare results over a long
period. Our thanks to Universum for their contribution
to this research.

Damien Leurent
Deloitte France
EMEA Banking
and Capital Markets...
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