Who Am I

Topics: Meaning of life, Human, Life Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Who Am I?

Who am I? What an ironic question. Who am I really? What is the purpose of my existence? To whom I should dedicate my life with? How can I answer this question when the journey of my life is about to start?

Finding a reason for what life would mean is a great oppurtunity for a man to look for a single answer out of his hundred questions. Defining life in a subjective manner would lead to the possibility of searching a single star in the universe. But it does not matter at all for what makes a '"man" into a "human" is his ability to think and search for the meaning and purpose of his existense. Only one can become a "human" if and only if he started a philosophical inquiry about the world. Gaining insights from previous and future experiences and discovering something that is hidden, even far from reality, would mean a lot of things to the great mystery of life. Knowing ineself would also lead to the discovery of what is still "hidden" even unleashing one's potentials and abilities. For these reasons, knowing who am I in a deeper sense would even bring me to a better perception of what my life is up to now and what would be the possibilities in the future. What and who I am is the product of the totality of what my personality is up to now.

Sixteen years ago,I was a beatiful and fragile baby.My cry sounds so sweet and gentle.My innocent smile makes my Mama and Papa so proud.My face was smooth as a cotton and I was vulnerable.I am Maricris Delos Reyes Bao,a jolly,cheerful and God-fearing individual. I was born on December 25,1995 at Caramoran,Catanduanes. I am the second child of Mr.&Mrs.Nelson R. Bao among the seven siblings. I love music because in times of confusion,frustration,rejection etc Music is there to make me happy,to forget everything.This help shaped who am I. When stress an pressure strike just give me chocolates bigger than my head and I will be fine.

I am materialistic. Then, I believe that money is powerful. I am always after...
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