Who's Cheap?

Topics: Woman, Gender, Sun Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: July 27, 2009
Who’s Cheap?
Critique Paper #2

This is an essay of exemplification from a professional author Adair Lara. From the title, it talks about money, and why and how it matters.

After reading this, questions boggled my mind: Why should men always pay the checks in restaurants? Why can’t women pay their fair share? These are questions that cause conflict between men and women in today’s society. An analysis of this conflict over who should pay the check will show a big difference in how men and women relate to each other today. Women expect men to pay; however, some men do not want to pay. In my opinion, men haven’t evolved to become that kind of financially supportive, money-giving, and big-hearted for women. They will feel tired while living in this world, too. Men really need mental comfort and respect from women which contain important meaning and value for men; also it builds up their self-confidence and self-esteem. Instead of seeking women who only care how much money they get, the kind of women that men really love is women who are independent. Some women’s attitude towards love is changed more by money than their own true feelings. Nowadays, a number of woman believe that it goes without saying for man to pay the check when they go dating, and it’s just as reasonable as the earth encircles around the sun, or the sun will rise from the east every day in women’s mind. In “Who’s Cheap?” Adair Lara’s friend Danny says to her: “As a woman, you are so genetically precious that you deserve attention just because you grace the planet. So, of course, he should buy you drinks. He should also drive the car, open the door, ask you to dance, coax you to bed. And then when you feel properly pampered, you can let out that little whine about how he doesn’t treat you as an equal.” It’s common that at the process of dating, men not only pay the check for common spending, but also follow women and pay for their favors— their individual spending. What’s worse, most of the...
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