White Suprimicist

Topics: White supremacy, Supremacism, Police Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: November 3, 2011
“Personal protection encompasses many different considerations and threat assessments that are completely unrelated to the physical condition, personal reputation and character of the protectee, as well as very specific (possibly unique) threats particular to the individual. Idiosyncratic issues may include the physical condition and ambulatory abilities of the protectee, medical conditions, political affiliation, and public reputation. Likewise, personal protection plans may also have to take into account the ability or willingness of the protectees to follow directions and cooperate with protection agents” (). Over the past several years, violent crime involving stalking, workplace violence and attacks, or threatened attacks on public figures has increased. Law enforcement and security professionals are turning to prevention as a vital component of control strategies. Issue in this analysis is a planning and threat assessment conducted on behalf of a hypothetical individual whose views, persona, notoriety and behavior render him both extremely controversial and vulnerable to a variety of potential threats. Threat assessment has made immense advances in the past 20 years; assessments of targeted violence resume posing a sizeable challenge to law enforcement, mental health, and other professionals. This explicit and critical assessment calls for an innovative approach. The effective assessment and management of people acknowledged as being at risk for violence continues to be a significant worry in the criminal justice and mental health communities. In this case the protected is an outspoken supremacist, and he is in danger of his life due to his lifestyle and beliefs. The purpose of this paper is to define threat assessment and explains that the main goal of the agency charged with protection responsibilities is to prevent an attack on a prospective target. The paper lists the main functions of threat assessment and then provides a threat assessment of a...

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