White Rat Disection Lab Report

Topics: Kidney, Liver, Organ Pages: 4 (980 words) Published: December 4, 2008
White Rat Dissection Lab Report

Learn about the anatomy of the White Rat.

Gain dexterity with instruments used in the dissection procedure.

Compare and /or contrast the anatomy of the White Rat with that one of the Human body.

Cadaver of a White rat, preserved in chloroform.

A dissection pan, Butcher’s twine, Bounty paper towels, latex gloves.

3. Instruments used in the dissection kit: Scissors; Forceps; Scalpel; and the Probe

The first step was to obtain the White Rat and to pin it in the supine position, anterior surface facing up in side the dissection pan. To pin the animal, we used butcher’s twine and secured the front and hinds legs using a “lasso” technique, careful not touch the sharp claws. To make the first insicion I had to locate the Xifoid Process of the rat (distal aspect of the sternum). Once I had located the Xifoid Process, I had to use forceps to pull the skin of the animal’s abdomen up and use the scissors to cut. The first incision is made from stem to sternum, cutting through the errectos abdomen muscle down to the groin. The second incision ion is perpendicular to the first below the diaphragm. Because of this technique we were able to open the abdominal cavity first. The third and forth incisions were made bilaterally above the legs. The last two incisions were made in upside down “V” shape on the collarbone, to expose the thoracic cavity. This dissection was both sharp, because of the use of the scissors and scapel and blunt because of the use of the probe and forceps to move organs and skin to expose other organs not yet identified.

SKIN: Yellowish in color covered with white fur, hard and stiff in texture

LARYNX: Off white in color. Long tubular structure descending from the upper area (mouth) of the rat.

TRACHEA: Pinkish in color, looked like a stack of cartilage rings with some space between the rings.

LUNGS: Dark reddish brown in color. It had 6 lobes. One on the left side, 2...
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