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As owner of the White Dog Café, Judy Wicks must decide how she can improve her restaurants growth in the short, medium, and long term while continuing the restaurants social programs and maintaining its current ethical position. After an analysis of the current situation, we will present viable alternatives to ensure the White Dog Café continues its commitment in the long term to social responsibility in a manner that allows Judy Wicks to step down as owner of the Café. We will prove to Judy Wicks that her restaurant can maintain its growth without her at the helm. We will provide a two-year strategy on how to implement these changes to make sure the restructuring process allows the restaurant to continue its educational and humanitarian practices. ANALYSIS

Judy Wicks has developed a business strategy that has allowed her restaurant to become very profitable and socially responsible. Since 1983 she has worked with a philosophy that her restaurant can make money and “do the right thing”. This responsibility first philosophy has enabled the restaurant to turn into much more of a community making a difference. Ms. Wicks has shouldered the load on both the financial side of running a restaurant, and the socially responsible side of running White Dog Café Enterprises and its many projects and programs. For 25 years, Ms. Wicks has been the Café’s leader and she can no longer carry the burden on her own. Ms. Wicks must find and appoint a successor ensure her restaurant sustains its growth, and maintains its long-term commitment to social responsibility. The White Dog Café was not the only successful example of companies starting in the early 80s with a goal of benefitting the community. Both Ben and Jerry’s and The Body Shop started at a similar time with a similar initiative, but both have recently had to deal with significant growing pains. Ben and Jerry’s sold to Unilever while The Body Shop was bought out by L’Oreal. Both companies were very profitable, but have veered away from their socially responsible philosophies. Judy Wicks must find a way to step down and ensure her company is left with strong leadership. If not, the restaurant will not be able to maintain its many great programs and initiatives that have made it both so loved and successful. DECISION CRITERIA

The decisions Judy Wicks makes will have an impact on many stakeholders. These criteria must be analyzed when coming up with the ideal solution. The White Dog Café’s many programs and projects have allowed the restaurant to help many people across a wide variety of fields. The Café has an obligation to keep true to its philosophy. That philosophy is a four-part strategy. To Benefit the Customers (provide quality service, food, all while in a friendly and educational atmosphere.) The Community (encouraging volunteer projects, making charitable donations, mentor programs, etc.) Serving Each Other (creating a workplace where employees are a team) Serving Earth (using American grown produce, doing the compan’s part to support the environmental initiative.) The Café must ensure that any major changes do not interfere with this strong core ideology. Ms. Wicks must take into consideration that a change in leadership could cause corporate disruption or “shake ups”. She must mitigate this risk by putting in place a strategy that promotes a transparency and all stakeholders are updated as to the changes occurring. The White Dog Café has positioned itself extremely well within the community and has promoted very strong initiatives, but Ms. Wicks feels as though the Café could still do more to promote educational and socially responsible global environment. Ms. Wicks has a duty to continue her work as a role model. Up until recently she has not advertized The Café’s initiatives, or its 4-part philosophy. She must begin to do so in order to promote the ideology and increase the overall impact of the...
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