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Topics: Fraud, Political corruption, Accounting scandals Pages: 14 (1917 words) Published: January 22, 2015
This book covers a broad spectrum in order to illustrate the pervasiveness of upper world criminality across a extensive range of institutions, including business, government, the medical profession, and even religious organizations and involving a remarkably diverse set of actors—including executives, doctors, politicians, and computer hackers. The authors have attempted to infuse each chapter with a historical perspective by describing some selected cases from the past in order to illustrate that white-collar crime is not solely a contemporary social problem but has a long and vivid history. I. The History of a Concept

a) Ponzi’s - Whereby investors' returns are paid for directly by later investors' investments, giving the false impression that the investment is viable. b) The Great Depression - was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II. c) Tax Fraud - intentionally violate your own legal duty to voluntarily file income tax returns and/or pay the accurate amount of income, employment and excise taxes that you owe. d) Embezzlement - The fraudulent conversion of property from a property owner. II. Measuring White-Collar Crime

a) Cross-Sectional Studies
b) Industry-Specific Studies
c) Victimization Surveys
III. The Costs of White-Collar Crime
IV. Public Perception of White-Collar Crime
V. About this Book
Chapter 2 focuses on some of the deceptive practices that affect many of us directly as consumers. Consumer fraud is the most prolific of all white-collar crimes. A variety of examples is presented of scams perpetrated by crooked auto repairmen, slick telemarketers, and sleazy merchants. Also, emphasized is how some unlawful schemes are carried out at high corporate levels in the form of price fixing, price gouging, and false advertising. I. Dial F for Fraud

II. The Myth of the Free Market
III. Consumer Fraud
a. Auto-Repair Rip-Offs
b. Telemarketing Fraud
c. ...And the Poor Gets Poorer
IV. False Advertising
a. Bait and Switch
V. Price-Fixing
a. Price Gouging
b. Knockoff Rip-Offs
Chapter 3 details the sale of dangerous or defective products to consumers by greedy manufacturers who are fully aware of the potential for harm. Also described are unscrupulous quacks who peddle worthlessly and sometimes lethal medicines and cures. Many of these practices underscore the fact that some forms of white-collar crime are just as violent as the most dramatic crimes of murder, rape, and robbery. I. Adulterated Food

II. Dangerous Drugs and Devices
III. Quackery
a. Counterfeit Medicines
Chapter 4 explores two other categories of “violent” white-collar crime. The deliberate pollution of the natural environment has become one of the most prevalent of all corporate offenses. In addition, an amoral trend in this area is the export of hazardous substances to Third World countries, whose citizens often have no freedom to protest. This chapter also reviews some of the punitive weapons developed by lawmakers, courts, and regulators in recent years in an attempt to combat such virulent attacks on the environment. A related kind of white-collar crime occurs in the workplace environment, when an employer knowingly permits unsafe conditions to exist. This chapter looks at the tragic consequences to workers of on-the-job exposure to asbestos, radiation, poisons, and pesticides. It examines, as well, the reasons why federal and state officials generally have failed to curb habitual violations by permitting employers to exploit legal loopholes that enable them to evade responsibility for the suffering they cause. Here too, we will see how American companies have exported hazardous work conditions overseas, where safety regulations are much laxer. The social cost of white-collar crime refers to an erosion of the vital trust that people place in their elite...
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