White Collar Crime

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Working Outline
I. Introduction:
A. Opener: - The definition of white collar and white collar crime * Various types of white collar crime
B. Thesis statement: There are 3 causes of white collar and 5 way to combat with white collar crime.

II. The cause of white collar crime is opportunities to commit crime. A. The loophole of the law and security
B. An individual well known the operation of a company, the chances to commit fraud is higher.

III. Second causes of white collar crime are workers situational personal pressures. A. Direct pressures surrounded by their environment.
B. Leader gives a command to achieve impractical performance objectives at any cost.

IV. Third causes of white collar crime are issues of pertaining to honesty. A. Moral principles
B. Obtain a universal meaning of integrity

V. First way to fight with white collar crime is tighten laws and punishment. A. Money penalty or fine
B. Imprisonment
1. Explain why imprisonment is useful.

VI. Second way is enforcement by government.
A. Commercial Crime Investigate Department (CCID) specialized investigate white collar crime. B. The Securities Commission

Working Outline

VII. Third way to prevent happen white collar crime is set up a corporate program. A. Bank Negara Malaysia increases the safety of check.
B. Forensic Technology Services (FTS) - to decrease and avoid computer crime or e-fraud.

VIII. The 4th ways is build positive moral principles in white collar criminal mind. A. High education and it gives them the authority to do something that is not right.

IX. Other minor way to prevent and reduce the white collar crime. A. Maintaining accurate and complete internal accounting and financial records B. Developing strong leadership and cohesive work groups C. They are supposed to monitor their business and keep in touch the relationship who involve in financial units D. They can set up a physical system to protect their assets E. Not relying solely on one person to perform an important function or critical task. F. Company make sure white collar’s job and plan are under control. G. Manager should carry on a file that contain private background and up to date economic standards of white collars

X. Conclusion:
This research paper had said opportunities to commit crime, workers situational personal pressures, and issues of pertaining to honesty are the three reasons to commit white collar crime. Furthermore, tighten the law and punishment, enforcement by government, set up a corporate program, build positive moral principles in white collar criminal mind, and others minor ways to prevent and reduce white collar crime are the five methods to fight with white collar crime.

The Causes and Ways to Combat White Collar Crime In Malaysia Some people might do not know what “white collar” is. According to Farlex (n.d.), definition of white collar is an expert employee who gets a designating salaried. On the other hand, another definition is related to the office or experts workers whose works usually do not include physical energy or tiring of a uniform or standardized work dress (White-collar, n.d.). According to Sutherland (1949), “White collar crime may be defined approximately as crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his or her occupation”( as cited in Lim, n.d.). Fraud, bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, computer crime, copyright infringement, money laundering, identify theft, and forgery are a part of type of white collar crime that most people knows. Nowadays people can read news reported about white collar crime. White collar crime will cost a lot of money in every country if government do not concern about it. Therefore, government should take action to white...

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