Which Student Deserves an a

Topics: Grade, Mechanic, Education Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: October 15, 2005
Which Student Deserves an "A?"

No matter how many times I mull it over and analyze it I cannot find a more inventive way to phrase my argument. Not any one of the students deserves an "A." Grades are not commodities that are distributed on a whim nor can they be returned because of personal dislike. Grades reflect personal achievement and the result of effort and intelligence. Grades are the foundation that our children are expected to build their future upon. Without a good education we are not competitive in a global economy. If that education is backed up by academic freebies and random events instead of substance and earned grades then the consequences can be hurtful for everyone. If the apathetic attitude these students displayed prevented them from achieving a good grade when they had the chance during the term then I cannot see what changes to make them deserve it at semester's end.

Most instructors give grades based on academic performance. I know some teachers who have the students put their names on the back of papers so that when they grade the test they do not know who the paper belongs to. I never met an instructor who desired to play decision maker with a student's scholarship by giving them a certain grade. I have encountered a few instructors that were tough graders and made me and the rest of my classmates work hard for every hundredth of a point we were allowed! I also anticipate the teacher who employs a large grading curve. No matter what the temperament of the instructor, most give grades based on actual accomplishments in the classroom.

We live in such a competitive society. Kids start school at younger ages to a head start. Personalized tutoring for school age children is a big business. Tutors are in demand at colleges and universities. Children to young adults are given every advantage to get ahead in this very competitive world. The students in this story, Making the Grade, are indifferent to academic...
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