Which Is More Important : Appearance vs Personality

Topics: Physical attractiveness, Human physical appearance, Big Five personality traits Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: May 26, 2013
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Which is more important appearance or personality?
If people could see inner beauty, they wouldn’t care about the outer beauty. Too bad people can’t see each other’s inner beauty. Since we live in a physical world, we go on appearance. When people first look at you, they look at your appearance, whether you’re beautiful, handsome, or not. People who are generally better looking will tend to have more advantages. Maybe some people think personality is more important, like being nice, caring, etc is more important, unfortunately, the world sees physical well first, and when they get to know the person they will know the person’s personality. I mean, who doesn’t want to be born pretty? About personality, we can develop it later. Not all beautiful appearance makes an ugly personality. So I think what is more important is appearance.

Good physical attributes can allow one to be socially accepted and provide one with more opportunities to interact with others. For example is Quinn Fabray from Glee, she is a very beautiful cheerleader, although her words are very mean, she is socially accepted in the community because she is pretty and many people admired her beauty. This is very true. People tend to conform to the societal standard of beauty in order not to be discriminated and isolated. It is evident that people who are considered ugly will be discriminated upon, for example; children start to pick whom they will like as playmates according to facial attractiveness.

Having a good looking appearance gives you higher self-esteem. People who are not appealing tend to be miserable and jealous, but people who are attractive are more confident and happy. According to ezinearticles.com “10-Habits-of-People-With-High-Self-Esteem”; People with high self-esteem think positively. Self-esteem is essentially the skill of thinking positively about oneself, so developing the habit of positive thinking in general will raise your chances of also...
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