Which Is Better; Cats or Dogs

Topics: Cat, Predation, Theobromine poisoning Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Which Is Better; Cats or Dogs?

Cats and dogs both are good pets. Before deciding which one is better, there a few things to consider. Since they both are very different, they require owners with two very different life styles. Dogs require more time and attention as to where cats are more free willed. Dogs are very needy animals. Having a dog is almost like having a human. They have to be let out to go to the bathroom every so often. You should take them for walks so they can get exercise. More often then less dogs crave their owners’ attention. So if you have a job with long hours, or have a busy personal and social life, a dog might not be a good idea. You might be more of a cat person. Cats are more independent. Cats use a kitty litter box; they take themselves to bathroom so you don’t have to. In like manner cats clean themselves. They’re content with lying around the house licking their self all day. You don’t have to take them outside for walks. As long as you leave them food and a clean kitty litter box you can leave your cat for days at a time, and they probably wouldn’t even notice you are gone. Although they’ll be sure to spend time with you when you get back, that’s probably when they’ll notice you were even gone. At the same time dogs are very obedient. By using positive reinforcement with classical and operant conditioning you can train a dog to do just about anything. Cops train dogs to sniff out narcotics, and to attack on command. Firefighters train dogs to run towards fire, sniff out and save humans. They’re trained to assist mentally and physically impaired humans. On the other hand cats are very stubborn, lazy animals. Lots of times, no matter how much you call for a cat, it won’t come. They don’t obey commands. More often then less you need food, or a clicker for a cat to come when you call it. Likewise you can’t train all cats do tricks or anything of that nature. Dogs are very loyal companions. When you talk they...
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