Which is Better?

Topics: Mobile phone, Television advertisement, Logic Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: November 14, 2013

“Don’t Fight. Switch”: Analysis of Nokia Lumia 1020 v Samsung and Apple phones Commercial
Everyday newer and better technology is introduced to the world; new computers, phones, cars, and etc. So, for us to keep up with the newest technologies released every day, companies put out commercials and advertisement for us, the consumers, to be up to date with the newer and better quality technology. With the software and technological industry growing, putting out commercials to make one product look better than the other is the best technique that companies use when competing against one another. However, when watching television or simply watching a video on the computer, commercials can be very annoying or purely entertaining, which in my opinion is very rare. But one of the most unusual commercials that I have had the pleasure of watching recently was the one for Nokia Lumia 1020 v Samsung and Apple phones. This commercial had been one of those exceptionally good commercials that I did not mind getting sidetracked from my movie, due to its use of narrative, logical, emotional, and rhetorical qualities, as well as, music and humor. Regrettably, as good as this commercial is, the advertisers use these techniques and qualities to divert our attention from important information that fail to mention the negative affects this product will have on the consumer.

The commercial’s narrative is set up by the advertisers to display a large number of characters, actions, and a repetition of images. The advertisement opens with a shot of the curtain drawing back to show the children on the stage with excited parents chattering calmly. However, as soon as the children are displayed to the audience, the audience immediately takes out their phones to take pictures and tension begins arise. The action starts instantly after a woman pushes her husband to the front to get a clear picture by disturbing the surrounding audience. Thus, as he crowd surfaces, the rest of audience...
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