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Topics: City, Cuenca, Ecuador, Religious denomination Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Cuenca, the third city of Ecuador has gained important recognitions as follows: The Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, The University city, and the Patrimony Heritage city. Most essential aspects have been attributed for these denominations such as history, architecture, weather, typical food, customs among others, making of this impressive touristic city a nice place to live and visit for national and international tourists.

First, it is fundamental to examine the reasons for the denomination of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO on December first in 1999. Most of the requirements considered in this reward were that the city has preserved a colonial atmosphere for the centennial construction of the churches, houses and buildings especially in the downtown area, walking through the principal streets is observable the influence of that epoch. Otherwise, you can walk outside the city and the presence of historical big houses, oldfashioned houses and the construction of modern buildings contrasting the growth of the city changing its appearance and providing it a beautiful scenery for the people who visit it. Besides, the special tone of talking of its habitants that seem they are singing marks a difference between the other cities of Ecuador. In addition to all of these features Cuenca is located among four rivers which are surrounded of big trees in its riversides that attract the attention of many tourists who visit it.

As a second reasoning, Cuenca was declared as the University City by the National Assembly and Health Panamerican Organization in 2011 for several recognized writers and poets who have given their cultural contribution to the development of the Art and Science. Moreover, the bienal of paintings, the cultural meetings, the conservation of some traditional garments in some indigenous groups denominated “Cholas Cuencanas and Cuencanos”, the celebration of traditional festivities with typical...
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