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Ban fox hunting

Fox hunting is a very controversial issue. Some people regard it as an important traditional sport, while others say it is an inhumane game. This difference of opinion leads to many disputes, which involve even governments. Most of the arguments occur in the UK, where hunting is developed to a great extent. There are even special organizations opposing this activity. Legal actions have been taken in order to impose a ban on hunting, but no significant contribution has been made up to now. People that are for the sport also put forward powerful arguments. So, is fox hunting cruel and unnecessary?

In my opinion it is cruel and unnecessary. There are many reasons for a human to hunt a fox but none of the are adequate. These are some arguments for fox hunting

The fox is a pest!
Despite being regarded as a pest by some, foxes are not considered to be as much of a problem as rabbits1. As rabbits make up the majority of fox diets (in arable and pastoral landscapes) and are held responsible for £100 million of agricultural damage2 in comparison to the £12 million foxes cause3, they are by no means a main culprit of damage. In studies the most common reason given to cull foxes was to reduce fox predation on livestock and game. Studies however have shown that lamb mortality due to foxes is so low as to be considered insignificant4 . It is a fiercely debated topic whether fox predation has a significant impact on wild game populations5. Studies into fox predation on pheasants during their time in release pens concluded that fox predation is perceived as a minor problem and that the average percentage loss was between 1% - 3% 6. Foxhunting is pest control or a significant method of controlling numbers In 2006 the estimated fox population was 250,000 before the breeding season7. It is estimated that around 400,000 foxes die each year. The registered packs are estimated to kill approximately 21,000-25,000 foxes a year and so are responsible for...
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