Whey Hey Marketing Opportunity Analysis

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Table of Contents
1.0 Country Analysis4
1.1 Hofstede Cultural Dimensions4
1.2 PEST Analysis4
2.0 Industry Analysis5
2.1 Porter´s Five Forces Analysis5
i.Threat of new entrants6
ii.Threat of substitute products6
iii.Bargaining Power of Buyer's7
iv.Bargaining Power of Suppliers7
2.2 Competitive Analysis8
3.0 Company Analysis9
3.1 WheyHey Analysis9
3.2 SWOT Analysis10
4.0 Key Issues Entering market11
4.1 Segmentation11
4.2 Major Target market12
4.3 Potential customers13
4.4 Positioning13
4.5 Differentiation strategies14
5.0 Marketing Objectives and Communication Objectives14
6.0 Marketing Mix15
6.1 Product15
6.2 Pricing16
6.3 Place18
6.4 Promotion19
7.0 Financial Plan21
8.0 Entry Mode22
9.0 Key Trends in the Next 5 Years22
9.1 Continued Growth of Health and Wellness22
9.2 Rise on Obesity23
9.3 Future Prospect on Organic Food Product23
9.4 Opportunity for Food Supplement23
9.5 Eco-Trend24
10. 0 Recommendations24
11. 0 References25

Executive Summary

This report commissions to examine the suitability of Wheyhey protein ice cream’s expansion to Germany. Wheyhey protein ice cream origin in UK and its popularity is reflected by the significant growth in sales. It is an innovative product that it differentiates itself from others with the feature of high nutrition value. With its success in UK, the product is believed to have a great potential to enter Germany ice cream market.

The report draws attention to analyse Germany’s attractiveness, the actuality of ice cream industry, the brand positioning and the strategies to penetrate German market. With profiling on industry and company capacities, it reveals the product is suitable for different groups. The protein ice cream is aiming to sequentially penetrate the niche-markets, mass population with health issues and mass population for regular consumption.

Further research reveals the limitation of the report is the estimation of budget due to the lack of proper evidence and data to support the figure. The report concludes that it would be ideal for Wheyhey to enter partnership with local fitness centre to maximize the brand awareness, minimizing the cost of entering new market and the cost of establishing distribution channels. It is recommended Wheyhey to continually adjust its’ strategies base on the industry environment and market competition.

1.0 Country Analysis
1.1 Hofstede Cultural Dimensions
Based on the Hofstede’s Cultural Index (See Appendix A), the similarities between British and German Culture lead to think of the potential of a product based on the success on its home country and its possible future market. This assumption is based on the fact that both countries share similar cultural values, therefore the attitude’s and perception towards a brand and its products shouldn’t vary that much.

1.2 PEST Analysis
i. Political
“Germany and the United Kingdom have close and wide-ranging relations based on mutual trust. Both countries play an active role in the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, the G8, the G20 and other international bodies” (Anonymous, 2014b). The political situation between Germany and United Kingdom seems to be stable, helping to develop a good business relationship for Whey Hey brand. In 2013, Britain was named, Germany´s biggest trade partner (Evans-Pritchard, 2013). ii. Economic

Both countries belong to the European Union, this politic-economic union aims to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services and capital (Anonymous, 2014a). While United Kingdom is ranked in the third largest economy in Europe, Germany occupies the first rank. Economies of both nations are very similar, including figures such as GDP, Taxes, Poverty Index, Inflation rates and unemployment’s rates. On the other hand there are certain economical areas that vary between the two...

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Appendix B
55-64 years: 11.5% (male 3,621,110/female 3,702,717) 
65 years and over: 17.5% (male 4,990,024/female 6,182,114) (2014 est.)
65 years and over: 21.1% (male 7,468,552/female 9,659,265) (2014 est.)
Major cities - population
LONDON (capital) 9.005 million; Birmingham 2.272 million; Manchester 2.213 million; West Yorkshire 1.625 million; Glasgow 1.137 million; Newcastle upon Tyne 874,000 (2011)
BERLIN (capital) 3.462 million; Hamburg 1.796 million; Munich 1.364 million; Cologne 1.006 million (2011)
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