Whether Fast Food Should Be Supported

Topics: Tradition, KFC, Chicken Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: April 16, 2013
It is hard to find anything as cheap, tasty and convenient as fast-food. Meeting the demand of people in the increasing busy pace of work, such fast-food chains as KFC, BBQ or McDonald were introduced and have deeply ingrained among those who work more and more while spending less and less time on cooking. Nevertheless, fast-food chains should not be supported due to several reasons.

For one thing, fast-food is apparently not good for people’s health. Such fast-food products as fried chicken, fried potatoes are made with a great deal of industrial cooking-oil, which contains much cholesterol and other harmful elements. People, especially children, favor sweet drinks very much, while beverages served by fast-food chains are mostly gas drinks. This can be explained by the purpose of serving appropriate products to customers, but this is a rather sinister turn of events. Gas drinks accelerate aging processes, harming the body with different poisonous substances. Without realizing it, people are gradually killed without the slightest hint of protest. 

In addition, the development of fast-food chains poses a threat to the traditional traits of cities. Along with the busy pace of life, any fast, convenient and advantageous service is highly appreciated. There is a sign of tradition neglect when people do not remember how to cook a traditional food or fail to correctly name a dish that was once so popular among their native people for a long time, just because they are more acquainted with the fast and modern dishes they eat every day. Fast-food serves people with its convenience but takes from them not only money but also sense of custom.

Supposing that fast-food is developed with the support of people in the globe. Actually, people in the world today are too busy to cook for themselves, and fast-food is one of the best choices. Fast-food chains help to save people’s time, give them good and professional services. But I cannot imagine all the other negative...
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