where i come from

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I come from a no stop light, everyone knows everyone kind of town. Beverly, West Virginia hides snug in the hills of Randolph County, population, 697 (2012). Yep, that’s right, 697 friends and family. Beverly is a very rural town, deep with the roots of the Civil War. Many strong figures of the Civil War era are rooted strong in my hometown.
TRIP TO THE MALL We girls would make our plans on Friday during our lunch period. Whose mom was going to take us, what were we going to wear and what would be our plan of action. So Sunday rolls around and we take an hour to get ready. Mom comes to pick us up since we spent the whole night staying up in Kim’s basement excited about our mini-road trip. Can the hour drive go any quicker??? Finally, we’re there and we’re off, time to make laps walking around the mall for the next 3 hours.

BUYING A CAR It’s time for a new car, and the possibilities are endless. Or so I think. First things first, go to the nearest convenience store and get the Auto Expo. Next, time to troll website after website. Ideas, check. Wants, check. Dreaming, check. It would be so nice to have the hottest sports car, convertible, sleek and fast. This is not a possibility. What can I drive in the winter? What gets the best gas mileage? What is going to be the most reliable? For some reason I don’t think I’m getting my new Mustang or Camaro. Nope, not an option. Either 4-wheel drive or front wheel drive for me.
GOING TO THE BEACH I can honestly say I don’t remember my first trip to the beach. Going to the beach was something that I remember doing every year since I could remember as a family vacation. The older I got, the more I looked forward to those trips. The one thing I can remember of every trip was hitting Conway, South Carolina and smelling the salty air. Although Conway was only 10 minutes away from the coast, it seemed like a million miles. Funny thing though, as soon as I my car would hit 501, it’s like it

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