Where I Choose to Live

Topics: Miami Heat, Florida, World's busiest airports by passenger traffic Pages: 1 (455 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Where I Choose To Live
I have lived in Fort Pierce for fifteen years. I have also vacationed yearly, in Miami for the past five years. For my own reasons, I choose to live where I live. Miami and Fort Pierce differ in size, types of restaurants, and prices. Most importantly, Miami has better transportation for travel. On the other hand, Fort Pierce has cleaner air, and a much calmer atmosphere. Both cities are in Florida, and they contribute to the beautiful weather, and beaches. Living in Fort Pierce, all these years has been very comfortable for me. When I am at home, I am very relaxed and at ease. Going places is very convenient. Therefore, I walk anywhere I want to go, and consequently I have very little to do with that creation from hell, the automobile. (Harry Crews308) I enjoy everyday being surrounded by friends, I grew up with. Without a doubt, “It leaves me with the most astonishing and pleasurable memories.” (Harry Crews, 308) Vacationing in Miami also, has been a pleasure. Any kind of bar you desire is there. The bars there stay open all night long. Miami is the city that, never sleep. That is why I enjoy vacationing there. In contrast, Miami and Fort Pierce differ in size, restaurants, and prices. Miami’s population is over one million more than Fort Pierce’s. Miami unlike Fort Pierce has a variety of restaurants. Miami is where a lot of stars come to vacation. There is a host of fancy hotels, like the Trump Hotel. Plenty famous people own restaurants, down in Miami. Besides that, it is so many things to do there. I have seen quite a few Miami Heat Basketball games. The Miami Dolphin dome is in Miami Garden around the corner for from where I live when I am there. I cannot walk from the place I live there to an area pub, because the traffic is so bad a person could get ran over. It is so many people there; three o’clock traffic is pretty much always backed up for miles. But, I can walk into a store and purchase something there...
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