Where Would Our Lives Be Without Technology

Topics: Bus, School bus, Education Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: May 25, 2012
Where would our lives be without technology? Would we still be living in caves like people in the Stone Age? Would we still be hunting animals with stone weapons? Technology has brought the world together, from saving countless people to skyping with your grandmother in the states; from finding a long-lost relative to paying your bills online. Think about it. What would life be like without technology?

Firstly, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with other people conveniently. If we had no technology, we would still be sending letters that might get lost in the mail. With technology, people nowadays can have a five-person video conference just with a laptop, skype with their friends just with a smartphone, or have a high definition video call online just with the help with camera phones and computers.

After reading the above paragraphs, you might think, having no technology must have been the pits! Let me tell you, that is so wrong. Have you seen the children nowadays? Technology impedes development of age appropriate social skills among children ages 7-17, according to a scientific report from the Yale Behavioral Child Study Centre. They engage themselves in activities that involve technology, and hardly ever try to get involved in activities that need social skills. In international secondary schools in Hong Kong, for example, South Island school, it is compulsory that every student has a laptop. The school bus passes a lot of places with wifi on the way to school, and it is very easy for the students to gain access of wifi on the school bus. Usually the scene you would expect to see on school buses is all the student chit chatting on the way to school, but no, the real scene is most of the students going online with their laptops and not much doing any socializing. If technology was to disappear one day, I think the world would change a lot more. The kids will do much more socializing, and there will be much less kids with autism. Parents, may think that...
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