Where There's a Will There Is a Way

Topics: Marriage, Family, Wife Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Once upon a time there was a woman named ibiyemi adenrele, she was beautiful. Men from far and wide came to ask for her hand in marriage but ibiyemi’s heart belonged to the hunter adebowale osupa. Adebo as she calls him was as handsome as she was beautiful and he wasn’t a lazy man. So finally the two love birds got married. They gave birth to a daughter called omoshewa . she was a hardworking girl and very intelligent, not to mention being the most beautiful girl in the whole village. After years and years of the couple trying to have another child, ibiyemi decided to let her husband marry another wife. The new bride’s name was fowokemi oni she was a very humble woman at the first three years of her marriage. After she gave birth to her first three sons she became the wicked witch of the house. She became so mean that her husband was frustrated and let her do as she wished. Years of frustration went by and fowokemi had five sons and two daughters but ibiyemi still had only one child. Adebo died at middle age because he could not even bear fowokemi anymore.ade o’s will was readc but fowokemi insisteds that ibiyemki and her daughter’s be given to the relatives and so it was done . ibiyemi moved into the house she inherited from her father. She and her daughter began to struggle . omoshewa always wanted to be a farmer but it was a taboo for women to farm. Omoshewa took the piece her mother also inherited and started working on it. She worked as a maid in the mornings and in the afternoon she was on her farm the king got to hear of this and sent his soldiers to burn her farm. Lucky for omoshewa for she was even thinking of how she’ll do a little bush burning to start some real work. Even ibiyemi thought her daughter was going to be disappointed. Everybody who passed and saw her farm and laughed but she didn’t listen to their mockery. She turned deaf ears to those who thought the were advising by telling her to quit. A lot of pressure was upon...
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