Where My World Began Essay

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Charles Maclean
Mrs. Burton
March 18th 2013
A Small Prairie Town
Margaret Laurence describes the basis of her views on the world in her autobiographical essay “Where the World Began” to represent Canada. She states that her small prairie town constitutes the way she has formed her views. She uses the microcosm of her small town to show Canada's growth as a country through her childhood memories , the seasons of her small town, and where you are raised affects your perspective on the world. Just as Canada is a child of Uncle Sam and Lady Britannia, and is greatly influenced by both, Laurence finds her childhood is the basis from which she gained her views on the world,in the same way Canada's mistakes as a country formed the way its governed today.

Laurence shares her stories of growing up and explains that her experiences made her who she is today. She explains the summers of her prairie town as a plague,yet was always willing to push through because she knew that soon after winter would arrive. This acts as a metaphor for Canada in the sense that growing up comes with many different obstacles, and it is how we deal with these situations that define us. As Canadians “We have only just begun to value ourselves, our land , our abilities” (Laurence 330). Laurence states her eyes were opened as a child; Canada being so young is still developing and just now realizing that Canada is a country to be proud of. Just as Laurence is able to relate Canada to her memories as a child she is able to do so with the seasons of her small prairie town.

Laurence loves her prairie town, the winter and spring come with many marvels. However, every year she is plagued with drought during the summer. She realizes that everything can not be perfect and relates this to Canada's past. Laurence realizes “in the deepest and most hidden caves of the heart that anything can happen anywhere, for the seeds of both man's freedom and his captivity are Maclean 2


Cited: Laurence, Margaret. “Where the World Began.” Viewpoints 11.Joseph,Amanda and Mathieu, Wendy. Toronto : Prentice Hall, 2001. 326-332.Print.
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