Where My World Began

Topics: Earth, Universe, 2008 albums Pages: 3 (539 words) Published: March 18, 2008
Where My World Began
My first home for many years. This land comes rarer to me as the day

goes by. Forever changing the knowledge I had once gained. My

corner of the world, where I have formed myself unique from all else.

A place with spectacular monument. An environment that has filled me

with joy, yet still fills with anger from time to time. This is my place in

the world, my corner of Canada. There are many lands which

have been described as similar to mine. A land with diverse culture,

where freedom is guaranteed four seasons a year.

In time of youth, this was the land in which I lived. Eighteen years

have passed though it does not seem so. I can remember clearly the

days as a child, where I could run around enjoying life worry free

within the safe streets of my neighbour hood. As time passed, as did

age. I knew I had larger responsibilities, those more important than

having fun with my friends. As life went on, my knowledge of

the world beyond my street grew. I used to look at this country

through one set of eyes, now I look through many. Those of the poor

or less fortunate. It was only two days ago, the last time I had

received a request for money by a random on the street. Why not take

of these people? Are they of less importance than the rest of us? That

is not to say I have not enjoyed Canada beyond my street. Once a

month during the school holidays I to leave this place, curious of what

lies beyond my city. I can remember experiencing a care free place, in

the north, on the beach with friends and family, These of course were

the parts of my country in which I enjoyed.

In the winter snow, hail and cold weather occur. In the summer our

industries continue to pollute our air and destroy our ozone making it a

difficulty to live healthy and live long . As horrible as some aspects

may seem, never am I urged to leave. There must be something...
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