Where Have the Good Men Gone

Topics: Man, Gender role, Controversy / Pages: 4 (997 words) / Published: May 28th, 2011
Where Have The Good Men Gone?
Second draft
‘’Where Have the Good Men Gone?’’ is what Kay Hymowitz wants to know in her latest Wall St. Journal, published on February 19th 2011. Her argument, which appears to be largely based on Judd Apatow movies, is that young American men do not grow up. Her other book, “Manning Up” received brilliant reviews, saying it was ‘’fascinating’’ and ‘’brutally honest’’. ‘’Where Have the Good Men Gone’’ even formed part of a live chat involving men and women debating about this controversial topic; some agreeing, some disagreeing and plenty caught in between.
“Where Have the Good Men Gone’’ seems to enforce almost every single stereotype of young, American men. Hymowitz stereotypes that ‘’most men in their 20s hang out in a novel sort of limbo..responsible self reliance.” She assumes that all American men act like this and the ones who act differently are not considered as young American men. She says, “this pre-adulthood has much to recommend it, especially for the college educated.’’ According to Hymowitz, in this new ‘pre adulthood’, young men are choosing video games or reruns on the Cartoon Network over adult responsibilities – namely marriage. To a large extent, I agree with Hymowitz and the onset of ‘’pre adulthood’’. In addition, I also believe that today in the 21st century, American society has a lot to do with the different perspective towards marriage, compared to the 20th century, where marriage was mandatory. Four out of five people surveyed in 1957 believe that preferring to remain single is ‘sick’ or ‘immoral’. During an interview with NPR, Hymowitz agreed that ‘’the changing American economy has played a tremendous role in shifting young men’s attitude towards marriage.’’ In her article, she believes that all immature men like watching ‘action, space craft’’ movies; this enforces the point of something a stereotypical young American man would like. Comedian, Julie Klausner comments that ‘’guys watch stars wars like

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