Where Do I See Myself

Topics: Military, Future, Soldier Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: July 15, 2010
Where do i see my self in the future? This is an often asked question, where do i see myself being in six months, one year or even ten years. This was asked of me and i intend to answer. Starting at six months moving into one year and further down the road of life.

Thinking onward to my own future, not just in the military but in life many things come to mind first being rank, second being what kind of example i will be for my son, who at that point will be only a couple months old. Starting with my rank, i see my self turning my actions as of late around to move forward and gain more rank, responsebility and thus being a role model for my child. Six months from now i will be coming on time in grade to make my PFC/E-3 and i see myself changing my overall attitude towards things to accomplish this goal i am laying ahead of my self. By doing so ill be showing my NCO's that i indeed want to move forward in my military career. Thusly by doing so i will be setting a better example for my to be 2 month old son. These goals laid ahead of myself will not be easy ones to acheive, however i plan to invest all my time and effort into reaching and accomplishing these and many more.

In one year from now i can see myself being at the rank of SPC/E-4 coming close to gettin SGT/E-5. Continuing my plan to further my career and my self these 2 goals are now placed ahead of my self further down the road, as with the goals for six months fom now these will be difficult to accomplish now that they are established however i shall push my limits further to becoming the solider and father i need to be to have earned the responsebility that will be placed on me. Establishing and accomplishing these goals is now a daunting task i feel is needed to be placed ahead on the road to a fulfilling life. Not just now but ten years from now as well.

In the years that follow i see myself spending no less than ten years in the military before deciding to stay in for twenty or leave then a move...
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