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Where Do You Prefer to Live? the City or the Countryside?

By a544012658 Oct 19, 2012 449 Words
A city has excellent conditions for people to live. It is an urban area with a large population density which causes a lot of people and business interactions. Some people like the countryside for the sake of peace, but others like the city because of convenience. I argue that most people prefer to live in a city. A city constructs a convenient transportation system, provides comprehensive services, and generates plentiful jobs.

It makes people's life so easy to live in a city with a convenient transportation system. The transportation system is composed of buses, skytrains, seabuses, taxis, and so on. It helps people to get to all the districts of the city. For an example, Skytrains and buses allow students who do not have cars to go to UBC from Richmond and North Vancouver everyday. It saves so much time for the people to move around the city. Thus, people who live in a city can use convenient transportation system .

There are comprehensive services in a city which create a thorough living area for people. Various services are distributed equally in each districts of the city in order to provide people with basic needs. For some of the services, even if people do not need them very often, they are still located in the districts in case. For instance, if there is a car accident in Downtown, the most nearby hospital St. Paul's must sent ambulances to rescue the casualties. Since these services provide people all types of essential needs, the people do not have to leave the districts. Therefore, people who live in a city enjoy thorough services.

Living in a city with many people and business interaction generates a lot of jobs for people. As more and more business gather in the city, big organizations like companies, schools, and institutions are found. As a result, they need to hire more people to operate larger business properly. For an example, Hong Kong has so many companies that their workers are not only from all over the city and also from cites around it. People do not have to worry about not getting a job since there are so many job opportunities providing by the organizations in a city. Consequently, people who live in a city can easily find jobs.

Overall, people benefit in many ways living in a city. First, the convenient transportation system helps people to move around the city so fast. Second, the comprehensive services are provided in each district of the city for people to live. Third, there are a plenty of job opportunities provided in the city to fulfill people's need of jobs. Hence, a city possesses excellent conditions for people to live.

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