Where Am I Going?

Topics: Dream, Happiness, Kanye West Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Angela Patrice A. GamilTHY3


Where Am I Going?

Sometimes I see myself as a child, and the world is my playground. I aim to walk barefoot around it, mindless of the stains. I know I’m not always on the mountain top, nor above water, but it won’t hurt if I dream a little, will it? So I still want to clench my fists on things that are quite impossible to some people, but are possible to me. I dream of travelling to different parts of the world, meet different people, know their culture, experience their traditions, keep all these memories in a journal and preserve people’s smiles in photographs. I never dreamt of seeing my parents cry, but it would be fulfilling to see them shed a tear, as I march out of the Arch of the Centuries together with other Thomasians, graduating on time. I dream of having a sunflower garden at the back of my home, and I would take care of it as much as I would take care of my own family. I dream of hard work finally paying off, and happiness continuously radiating. I dream a lot of dreams, but these dreams aren’t just dreams. They’re goals, and in 10 years, these goals will become dreams once again. Dreams that will be, if not already, coming true.

10 years after my graduation, I will be in Germany, working in the Stuttgart City Library, the library I’ve always fancied. I will work in a famous coffee shop during my part-time, and pretty soon, I will own one in the Philippines. I will be the one to support my younger siblings and I will be repaying the efforts of my parents, by letting them have their dream vacations, even though I know they won’t ask for it. We will all travel together despite our busy schedules. We will always make time for the family. In 10 years, I still don’t see myself being married and having kids. I see myself still enjoying, but not with a family of my own. I must make sure that I’m ready enough to support them, before I start one. In 10 years, I will be someone wise enough to know...
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