when i was a cna

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When I was a Certified Nursing Assist
I first wanted to be a Certified Nursing Assist (CNA) at the age 16. I had to do community service for Graffiti. I was given a job as an activity assistant at a nursing home. I enjoyed it so much! The people there are so much fun to work with. The best part about it was being able to help them read the paper, play bingo, or whatever they wanted to do. Once a lady and her sister were pushing chairs down the hallway and I asked “what are you doing?” They told me they were taking a train ride to see their father for his birthday. It made me feel sad because I had to explain to them that they were going the wrong way, so I helped them back to their room. Once there, I explained to them that they lived here at the nursing home and were not going anywhere. It was at that moment, I wanted to really be in the nursing field to be able to make a positive impression on someone else’s life.
I have found that being passionate and having empathy are some important traits to have as a CNA you it help you understand better as to why they might feel some different emotions in the new environment. Since residents have many nurses taking care of them it can make them feel anxious, sad, or depressed. Being responsible by using your gait belt can ensure safety or resident and yourself.
A typical day for a CNA would start at 6 am. We would report to the charge nurse and get a report. Then, about 6:15, one would prepare a linen cart for their hall. Between 6:30-8, we start getting residents up and showered and bathed. We answer call lights between residents when we have time, as we’re taking residents to and from breakfast. As residents are coming back from breakfast, we are laying some down or changing them. CNA’s take a 15 min break around 9:15. After our break, we come back and answer call lights, take residents to therapy or activities, and do vitals or weigh the resident for the day. We continue to toilet people and give showers to

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