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Topics: Police, Gun, Crime Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Mrs. Martini
English II
19 January 2013

Bang Bang Ban
All guns and handguns should be banned because of all the violence and danger that it had put into many people. Guns cause too many deaths and injuries to innocent people. The government needs to make them less accessible and the law enforcement really needs to enforce the law that they make. This could save the lives of many people, and maybe turn our society upside down.

Guns have taking the lives of too many people. This is a very serious issue that we must tackle worldwide and not just the U.S, because this violence isn’t only taking place in the U.S. These arms have caused very serious events in just the past few years. For example, Columbine shooting, Virginia Tech shooting, Theatre shooting, and the most recent, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. These were all caused by the same weapon, a handgun. It took the lives of many innocent people and they didn’t deserve this to happen. Not only are there big events like this happens, but there is also many little crimes that happen every day. Every time you flip the channel to the news, you hear of someone being shot and injured or killed. This is what our society has become out to be and we need it to stop before it only gets worse. These little small events add up and there still lives that are being taken.

It seems like now days, it is so easy to purchase a gun. If guns weren’t so accessible and so easy to get a hold of, most of this senseless violence wouldn’t occur. If the proper law would be put into effect, we would have fewer criminal and crimes. You shouldn’t just be allowed to go up to Wal-Mart and purchase yourself a gun, because anyone could do that. If the government actually cared and made this a law, none of this would happen. I think only the law enforcement should have guns. This would help stop many crimes because the criminals would be unarmed and this would help our society all together.

In addition to those laws we need...
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