When I Met My Best Friend

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Personal Essay 1
There are many ways friends meet there best friends. Some meet them accidental and some it was destiny. But meeting my best friend was really funny. Her name is Leslie. We have hilarious moments together. We both know we can’t stay mad at each other. But most of all we both love each other like blood sisters.

I moved to Corona my last month of my freshman year. I was sad because I didn’t know anybody in all my new classes. Except my sister who was a freshman too. I wanted somebody to talk to besides my sister. We both wanted a new friend. Two days pasted and my sister met a girl who was ok but I didn’t really get along with her. So for lunch I just walked all around school until the bell rang for 4th period. One day in first period, Mrs. Shieh (my teacher) told the class to get into groups of three. While I was looking for a group everybody else got into their groups. I was walking around the class and seeing who didn’t had a third person. The someone reached over and poked me saying if I wanted to be in her group. I said “yes, thank you.” In that group there was three girls including me. But one of the two girls was really nice and friendly to me. When classed ended I forgot to ask what was her name.

After fifth period, I met up with my sister and walked in together to sixth period. Mr. Smith assigned us a grouped to work with. When I got to my group I saw her there. I told her hey didn’t even ask you for your name. she said: My name is Leslie.” I said. “It’s nice to meet you again Leslie.” We started talking when out of no where a boy named Jessie joined the our conversation. He told Leslie and me that he was Jewish. I said,” How the Hades are you Jewish. You look full on Mexican.” Everybody in the class started laughing. Even Jessie himself started laughing.

But that was a long time ago. Now we both Seniors getting ready to graduate. We think back when the Jessie comment happened and we both start laughed thinking that’s how we...
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