When I Finished My High School 2

Topics: Oncology, Chemotherapy, Cancer Pages: 5 (971 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Name: Haneen Khleif
Doctor: Zaidoun Salah
Why I has chosen the specific major to moderate into and what specific direction the student plans to take my studies in the field. When I finished my high school, my parents asked me about the specialization (major and minor) that I want to study. Immediately I answered "Biology" for many reasons. First, Biology is a wide field for unlimited studies and researches, so I didn’t stick to certain study or research. Second, Biology includes many fields gives the one the ability to choose such as, embryology, cell biology, environmental studies, Taxidermy issues , taxidermy, Entomology, Botany and many other studies. Also, anyone who has a degree in Biology can continue his study in nursing, cancer researcher, in labs or even teaching. Moreover, my volunteer work at Al-Sadeel Society Palliative Care for patients of cancer and other kinds of chronic diseases, Palestine Wildlife Society and with Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh have helped me in thinking about the minor study. They also made me think about what is the perfect and most important study that my society needs. Also, they changed my ideas about my study in terms of how Biology is more important as well as Medicine, Engineering and many specializations and it not only limited for teaching whether it is in schools or universities. So, because of that I have two options in the minor. The first one is nursing but if I did not be accepted or there is no Nursing specialty in Bard College, I will choose Labs as a second option. Al-Sadeel Society Palliative Care for patients of cancer and other kinds of chronic diseases like Debate, Mental Retardation, Epilepsy and other kinds had helped me to think about the minor study, which will help me beside the major (Biology) and it will help me to think also about my next step in terms of what would I like to be and continue my study after Bachelors. When I visited many patients especially cancer patients, I realized how they suffer from chemotherapy, the place (hospital) and also how their parents suffering. As Dr. Clown, I felt how they need rest, smile and free treatment from chemical materials through Psychotherapy. Palliative care is not just to be Clown and wearing colors, Palliative care is a specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stresses of a serious illness—whatever the diagnosis is. The main point is to improve quality of life for the patients. In addition, Palliative care is not only for patients, but also for their family, because the patients especially the children do not know what the consequences of cancer are, they think that cancer looks like cold and it will heal easily, but their families know well what Cancer means. They also live in bad situation and they may be scared of the lack of money or losing the patients (parents, friends, sons or even themselves). So, because of that, and if it is possible, I decided to choose nursing as a minor study to achieve my goal that focuses on patients' children of cancer, which is giving them and their families psychological motivations to increases the cure rate in addition to the help of chemotherapy. in addition to patients of Cancer and Diabetes, Mental Retardation and other kind of chronic diseases, I want to study nursing because what is happening in our country by Israel's hands. Because of their internationally banned weapons and attacking civilians without any warning, there are many war victims, most of them are children and women. Regardless of whether they children, women or men, they need treatment and rest. Not necessary the treatment is medication, surgery or treatment of wounds as I mentioned before, maybe the treatment be psychotherapy "Palliative care". So, as I believe that Biology certificate besides nursing as a minor study will help me to study Palliative care to help people especially...
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