When i came to USA
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When I came to USA

As it was 2005 I was very excited to arrive in Abroad for the first time and I was extremely glad because I arrived in one of my favorite countries. For me USA was a wide place of opportunities where I had an open hand to compose an exceptional future. I was glad and a little sad too because I assumed it kind of delicate compromise to leave all my relatives behind in my country and come here but the race of life make man learn and adjust in.

As I arrived the JFK airport New York I was very delighted and speechless to explain my happiness, it took me a little late for the first time at immigration but as I departed from immigration and my father was there to pick me up in the pickup zone as I saw my father after a long period of time I was glad to meet him and speechless too as my father had changed and accommodated within the society. I was very happy to see my new home I had my new bedroom as I saw new toys about whom I have never imagined about and bigger stores everywhere around and we were facilitated with all new advanced stuff of that time e.g. faster internet, New and better computer, at last I got my own personal Smartphone to keep and I had my own video game and a remote control car, that was more then what I use to dream about, that was much more then my prospects.

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