When You See Your Crush

Topics: Feeling, Real life, Girl Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: June 23, 2013
When you see your crush in public, you’re supposed to scream and run back to your house to check their Facebook for the next five hours. 

First things first: having a crush on your teacher is not weird. It might feel really awkward and embarrassing, but it happens to both girl’s and guys all the time. It’s natural to grow feelings for someone you see on a regular basis, who you interact with a lot, look up to and probably find attractive. You see it all the time in movies and TV shows, and trust me, it happens in real life every day. Now, that being said, this is one crush you shouldn’t act on. It’s fine to have a little crush — but as long as you are underage and he/she is your teacher, it’s illegal for you two to have any other relationship than student/teacher. Not only can he/she lose their job if you do try something, but they can also potentially go to jail. Try to keep things innocent. When feelings are involved and things get emotional, I know how hard that can be. But try not to obsess over your teacher, because it will only hurt you more. If you feel like there’s no one your own age to like, don’t worry about it — you’ll meet someone eventually. You can talk about how cute he/she is to your gURLfriends, but that’s pretty much as far as it can go. Just don’t flirt with him/her… even something as seemingly harmless as that can get you both in trouble. WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? How did you deal with it? Give us your advice and discuss below.

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