When we change how we communicate, we change who we are.

Topics: Language, Protagonist, Love Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 14, 2014
When we change how we communicate, we change who we are. Communication can be used to alter a persona, depending on how they carry themselves by the language they use. Language can be easily manipulated by concealment or exaggeration, to create an ideal character. Similarly, words that wield power have a great effect on the user when used in appropriate contexts. On the other hand, those who are limited by language are incapable of modifying their identity. When used to your benefit, communication is able to change ones identity, dramatically. People who are able to manipulate the language they use by disguising or enhancing themselves are able to have the effect of changing their identity. When celebrities are being interviewed, they use language that enhances their persona into an improved or more appealing version of themselves. In the novel, Curious incident of The Dog in the Night Time, the author Mark Haddon, proves that concealing the truth can change someone’s perceptive of who one is. When Christopher, the protagonist of the story confronts his father about the letters that he has been hiding from him, Christopher’s father claims that he “did it for his good”. However, since Christopher realised his father had been lying to him, his view of his father had changed and he’s view on his father is transformed. Manipulation of language can alter someone’s perspective of one another and can change who one is. Certain words when used in the correct context are able to change someone’s identity completely. For example, when someone expresses the words “I love you” to their significant other, these words can have the power of completely changing someone’s outlook to their partner forever. Furthermore, In the book, Delirium, Lauren Oliver, creates a frightening dystopian world where “love is a disease” and it is strictly forbidden. However when the main character, Lena, meets a boy who she soon falls in love with, she realises that the word love “a word that I...
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