When the Individual Has a Different View from Those Is Power Conflict Arises.’

Topics: Bertolt Brecht, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Rosa Parks Pages: 4 (1729 words) Published: August 9, 2013
Topic:’ When the individual has a different view from those is power Conflict arises.’ Conflict can be defined when an individual has a different view from those in power. It is often said that power comes from those who are higher up on the hierarchy. For example the government, body of authority, Queen and so on. One can see that an individual being in conflict can result in fear from those in power. Conflict is tested to determine who is powerful and who is powerless. Conflict emerges when the opinions or beliefs of two parties clash, and this is especially so when this occurs between the individual and those in power. This happens mainly because, on one hand the powerful feels and fears that its authority has been challenged, and it needs to try its best to safeguard his position in the community; on the other hand, the individual believes that he has the right to express his thoughts and satisfy the urge to pursue what he wants. Reviewing the conflict history in Australia, one of the most common conflicts happened in Sydney. It is The Cronulla Riots that brings conflict between different cultures. Although the suburb of Cronulla in Sydney was a great place for tourist to hang out and enjoy the surf. It was when two of the Middle Eastern youth went and attack the two Cronulla Australian Lifesavers, the Cronulla Riots started. It started by the clash of cultures in Cronulla when the Australian born Australian doesn’t feel that they belong here. It was with all these perpetrators that the Australian didn’t feel that Cronulla was a safe place. Through this one can see that there are different views from those in power and the individuals. It is shown that the power of this cultural conflict is the Australians that demand to have their beach back and that Middle Eastern tourist shouldn’t be long here. On the other hand the individual is shown by the Middle Eastern tourist who wants a day of relaxation at the beach without any conflict between Middle Eastern and...
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