When Texting Is Wrong

Topics: Person, Text messaging, Mobile phone Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: April 29, 2012
“When Texting is wrong”

The author of this essay is Randy Cohen. This essay is about the harmfulness of texting at inappropriate times. There is argument about different age groups, older people may not care if they are not allowed to text during business hours as where younger people who have grown up texting and is a part of their everyday life, may have different views.

Some people say texting is an interruption and rude. Others don’t mind it. There is also harm in texting. In many states across the U.S, texting is prohibited while driving. The author’s take is that he isn’t against texting, but texting has been concerned to affect a young persons intelligence and emotional development. Texting also causes damage to the thumbs. The author establishes his authority by stating his direct opinion on the issue. The qualities of this essay presume an effective argument. Although texting is a casual thing, it can lead to interruption, harmful, situations, and intellectual damage.

My personal take on this essay is that texting, yes, can be an interruption, but being that I grew up texting and it is an everyday thing that I am used to, I do not see it as an interruption, or harmful to my intelligence. This essay made me think about when I do see people at work on their phones it does come off rude and an interruption, but at the same time its is also how respectful the person is. I was raised to be respectful to everyone and texting during a job is not something you do. I do agree with this essay, that there is a right place and time to text and a wrong place and time. People should not text during work it is unprofessional, also texting and driving is a very dangerous thing and can cause harm to innocent people.
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