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When reality TV gets too real

By ceciliejensen Oct 23, 2014 351 Words

Summery of the article “When Reality TV Gets Too Real” (2007) The text is an article from a newspaper named “The New York Times” and is written in 2007 by Jeremy W. Peters. Peters starts the article telling that in a recent episode of Intervention the televisions canal A&E’s documentary series about addiction Pam an alcoholic is driving drunk and no from the camera crew did anything for stop her for driving drunk. Peters want to reach out to the producers with his article to tell them they are doing wrong. Creator and executive for Interventions, Sam Mettler, tells at he has had to step out from behind the camera because someone driving drunk in case of he followed a crack. Senior vice president for nonfiction, Robert Sharenow, explains they try to capture real people in their real lives. Peters mean there should be more focus on the boundaries and the lawsuit.

Outline of the various attitudes to reality television in texts 2, 3 and 4 The attitudes to reality television throughout the texts ”When Reality TV Gets Too Real” (2007), ”TV Kidney competition was a hoax” (2007) and ”Ethics of Reality TV” (2007) are various. The television producers are basically optimistic towards the subject. The producers believe that reality programs besides from being a good entertainment because that give the viewers a glance into the reality of other people lives and that they draw attention to various problems in society. In the text “The Kidney competition was a hoax” hear we about the case with the Kidney issue, where a reality program put a human kidney at stake in The Big Donor Show. The producer for the show told: “We have only done this as a cry of help because we want to solve a problem that shouldn’t be a problem” (text 3, ll. 18-19) but Daniel Sokol and James Wilson from the text “Ethics of Reality TV” are of a different opinion. To them is reality television is more about TV-networks attempt to get more viewer-ratings by showing extreme episodes than highlighting issues in society.

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