When and why some children need spanked

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When and Why a Spanking Should Be Given

Children are different in many ways, and one of the most important, is the fact that they need to be disciplined differently. Timeout works for a lot of young children, taking away personal items works for every age group, except for those children that are high strung, with a wild spirit; it is sometimes called being hard headed. As children grow so do the consequences of bad behavior; when they are old enough to know right from wrong and to go ahead and do something just because they want to without any regard for the consequences that is when and why a spanking should be given. While many parents believe in spanking their children other parents and professionals are opposed to this form of discipline. According to a study by The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology there was a high percentage of 94% of parents used in this study that had previously or currently still use corporal punishment in the form of spanking as discipline on children ages 4 and up. There is not one study that combines all logical aspects of life and then determines that a spanking damages a child psychologically. The hormones in food, and the poverty rate, how children need love and affection and the fact that timeout is not doing a thing for the adults in our prison system. It only breaks them down and institutionalizes them. Yes, some people need locked up and the key thrown away, or maybe instead of wasting taxpayers’ money they should be executed if they need to be sentenced to life. Particularly today in society spanking is frowned upon, so is the behavior of the young children. There is a major problem with crime and drug use. There seems to be a connection between the way children are being disciplined and how successful they become in life; during adolescents and as well as an adult. Children are being molded into monsters. If the consequences of bad behavior as a young child are not enforced enough, then the child ends...

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