Wheeling and Dealing: the Zirconia Gt

Topics: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Win-win game Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Ques 1.Was it a good deal for Marcia? Why or why not? Give reasons.

No, it was not a good deal for Marcia at all.
The following reasons briefly describe the above said.
a)While doing paperwork and finance formalities, she had to give many hidden charges. The deal wasn’t transparent. For example Darrel did not inform her about the processing fees and insurance fees. So in a way Marcia approved the deal with a wrong idea about it.

b)In terms of time and energy, Marcia had to suffer mental agony because of various hidden charges she had to pay while she was doing her final formalities. Her first and foremost concern was price. Darrel, who knew this, somehow managed to convince her that she would get so many discounts. But actually she had to pay the almost the full amount.

Ques 2.Would you call it a win-win negotiation/deal or not? Give reasons.

A Win-Win Negotiating Orientation is one of the negotiation orientations where both parties are satisfied. In this case both parties were in the Win-Win situation till the time Darrel and Marcia finally went for formal paperwork. However, the deal turned out to be Win-Lose situation with Marcia in the losing side. Darrel charged $80 processing fee, along with $105 mysterious charged; which later Darrel admitted as paint sealant to protect customer’s investments. Later Darrel convinced her to pay further a charge of $500 as warranty available on the Zirconia (car’s model name). Finally, when Darrel took Marcia to finance window, again Marcia was charged $230 as Life insurance fees which makes the total of $915, the amount Marcia has to pay after getting all the discounts offered by Darrel. So whatever discount she was given, ultimately was taken back from her in some or the other way. Hence we can say it was not a WIN-WIN negotiation, as Marcia was not satisfied with the deal.

Ques 3.What were Darrel's strengths & weaknesses as a negotiator?


1.Number crunching; he was quick at...
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