Wheat Roller Mill is an Ideal Equipment in Agricultural Market

Topics: Wheat, Asia Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: October 21, 2014
The complete sets of wheat roller mill are developed to base on the develop of international market’s economy. This series equipment absorbs the achievement experience of large scale flour milling plant. adopts long grinding passage, lightly grinding, precise grading and other special milling technology. It can produce to refine flour and grade flour at the same time, and it is the ideal equipment for a middle or small scale flour milling plant. Its feature is that the scheme of the flour is long, which adopts break system, scratch system and reduction system and make the flour evenly and completely, so the extraction flour is high, the flour is fine, the color is good, the gluten in is good. WHEAT ROLLER MILL can make several sorts of flour, convey the stock with pneumatic lift in purifiers, in screen room adopts bucket elevator, the result of dry cleaning the raw wheat is good and the workshop is sanitary. Specifications of wheat roller mill:

1. Best sale,most popular domestic Mini hummer mill
2. For all kinds of food ,feed,grain,cereal, wood straw,chips 3. Make fineness flour from 10~120 mesh,can be adjusted by changing the screen. 4.With ranged capacity from 100~5000kgs/hour
5. with full sets of spare parts and detailed demo video to guide you. 6. We have been exported this model in container quantity to New zealand ,brazil,Honduras,etc. before. Up to now, our equipment due to reliable technology and good quality was distributed to Africa, South-east Asia, Middle Asia, South America and Europe. Very good response and feedback are received from all over the world customers. http://www.wheat-flour-mill.org/PRODUCTS/wheat-flour-mill-single-machine/686.html
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