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Topics: Bacteria, Archaea, Bacterial cell structure Pages: 7 (1157 words) Published: January 19, 2013
 Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cells

1-7.Bacteria cells reproduce ASEXUALLY BY BINARY FISSION.
Asexually means the offspring comes from one parent
Draw what Binary Fission of a bacteria looks like:

8. Label the parts of this prokaryotic cell.
9. Name several structures that are found in eukaryotic, but NOT prokaryotic cells.  
10. What type of cells are the most numerous on Earth?
11. What are the most common type of prokaryotic cells?
12. How old are the earliest prokaryotic fossils?
Classification of Life
13. Name the 3 domains and the organisms found in each.
14. ______________ are found in harsh environments.
15. Give 3 examples of harsh environments in which Archaebacteria can be found.  
16. What group is referred to as the true bacteria?
17. What photosynthetic member is in this group?
Characteristics of Bacteria 
18. What must be used to view prokaryotic cells?
19.What cell structures are lacking in prokaryotes?
20. Do bacteria have ribosomes like other types of cells?
21. Describe the genetic material of the bacteria.  be sure to tell where it is found.  
22. What surrounds the cytoplasm of bacterial cells?
23.What surrounds the outside of all bacterial cells?
24. Cell walls of true bacteria contain ____________________. 25. Some bacteria have a sticky ____________ around the cell wall to attach to __________ or other bacteria. 26. Besides the circular chromosome, where else can DNA be found inside a bacterial cell? 27. What is the size of most bacterial cells?

28. Compare the size of bacteria to the tip of a pin.
29. ____________ of the bacterial cell membrane are called _______________. 30. What two cellular processes can take place in mesosomes?  
31. At what pH do bacteria do best?
32. Most bacteria act as ________________. Why is this so important?  
33. How can some bacterial be harmful?  Give an example.
34. name two other important uses for bacteria.
35. What does motile mean?
36. Motile bacteria may have one or more ______________ for movement. 37. Flagella attach to the bacteria by the ___________ ___________. 38. The basal body attaches to the cell through both the cell _________and the cell ___________. 39. What protein makes up bacterial flagella?

40. Tell how these types of bacteria differ from each other:      a. Monotrichous
     b. Lophotrichous
     c. Amphitrichous
     d. Peritrichous
41. What type of bacteria is this?
42. What are bacterial pili?
43. How do pili compare to flagella in size?

44. Give three functions of pili.
Bacterial Shapes
45. Name and describe 5 shapes used to classify bacteria. 
46. What does each of these prefixes tell you about the bacteria's shape:      a. Diplo-
     b. Strepto-
     c. Staphylo-
47. Sketch the shape of these bacteria:
     a. Coccus
     b. Bacillus
     c. Spirillium
48. E. coli is classified as what shape bacteria?

Other Notes:

Bacterial Kingdoms
49. How do the cell walls of Archaebacteria differ from the true bacteria? 50. How do the cell membranes differ?
51. Are the ribosomes the same?
52. Are the gene sequences the same?
53. Do Archaebacteria require oxygen?
54. How is there environment different from true bacteria?
55. What are they commonly called?
56. How many groups make up the ancient bacteria and name them?  
57. Methanogens live in _____________ environments. What is lacking in this environment? 58. How do methanogens get their energy?
59. Name 3 environments in which methanogens are found.
60. How do methanogens help cows?
61. How did the methanogens get their name?
62. The __________ ___________ live in very salty environments. 63. How do they get their energy?
64. Name two bodies of water in which halophiles are found.
65. ______________ live in extremely hot...
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