Whats Worth Preserving?

Topics: World War II, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Understanding Real War

Behind Enemy Lines, a movie taking place in the country of Bosnia, which many couldn’t even locate on a map, is a very eye opening and realistic portrayal of only some of the lighter crimes committed by Serbs during the war from 1992 to 1995. Unlike many historically significant movies which tell stories of American history, Behind Enemy Lines gives insight to other wars and problems occurring in the world, showing that America isn’t the center of the universe. In addition to its historical significance, the film is also aesthetically significant for the graphic scenes of mass graves of Muslims created by the Serb army, and therefore I believe that Behind Enemy Lines should be preserved in the National Film Registry. Intentionally made graphic, this film shows the horrors which were the realities of so many Bosnians. In one of the first scenes that begin the battle between the NATO officers and the Serb army, it shows the Serbs willing to kill innocent people, even who are not considered the “enemy”, such as the Muslim population was, in order to protect themselves from being caught for war crimes. The intensity of the scene where the Serbs see the NATO aircraft fly over their secret mass graves of Muslims, emphasizes how cruel and inhuman they are, by showing a 5 minute long scene where the mission of the Serbs is to shoot down the NATO plane, knowing that they have evidence of their actions. This scene portrays the multiple missiles launched at the NATO aircraft, never ceasing to give up, but instead only having one mission; to do whatever it takes in order to be able to keep committing war crimes. Another aspect of the film that makes it very much aesthetically significant, is the graphic and realistic portrayal of the mass graves, which still exist throughout Bosnia and are yet to be discovered. In the film, Lieutenant Burrnet first encounters these graves while he is inspecting a demilitarized zone in which...
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