Whats in a Name

Topics: Barack Obama, Native Americans in the United States, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: January 30, 2012
Robert Antwan, “What’s in a Name?”
Summary: In this text it’s pretty much introducing to all the topics and examples of the ways names are so important in our world today. He firstly describes how in past decades they always had a nickname like the 70s, 80s and 90s. But for the twenty first century years 2000 to 2009 has never received a nickname. He states how this is quite unfortunate and crazy because in the start of this 21st century we’ve had a lot accomplishment and devastating failures. Then in one of the same topics Patrick Olsen writes a text on “Does Your Pickup Truck Have a Nickname?” He states that people have a big love and enjoyment for inanimate things such as people who own trucks. He gives statistics and provides a survey given asking, “Which things are more important than your truck.” He found out that the top three things more important were your spouse, house, and sex. In another one of the topics, “The Fight Sioux: The End of a Legacy.” Brittany Bergstrom describes how on the campus of University of North Dakota there mascot and nickname are the Fighting Sioux. This school & athletic teams have won much recognition & awards. However the University and the NCAA were given a lawsuit by the Standing Rock & Spirit Tribes. They feel as the mascot and nickname the Fight Sioux is racists and stereotypical to their people. However the school fells as if having the name of the Fighting Sioux should be seen as a great honor, especially because of all the recognition, and the recognition is always positive, the only negative is those of critics but still the lawsuit stands. The university feels as if the lawsuit is lost on their side it will devastate the school because it has such a powerful meaning to the students and they believe that the name hypes the way the athletes play because they want to keep their school, mascot, and nickname on the top. The last topic “Does a Family need to Share a Surname?” has two views. In the first view...
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