Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

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Write a 1-2 page essay that explores the paradox that when the film ends, Gilbert is in exactly the same place as when it began, yet he has traveled a long way.

What's eating Gilbert Grape is a very simple yet meaningful movie. There is no clear cut message that points out the faults of society and it may be hard to interpret a message because the movie is set around everyday life. However the one thing that is clear, is that Gilbert realises throughout the movie that his life is going nowhere and he must break the everyday routine. Gilbert sees through the people he calls his friends and realises that they influence his decisions to stay. He sees how they fill their days with hope and talk of something new and small town gossip to create interest and controversy. Due to the fact that he has already broken the routine everyday life by looking for a way out, Gilbert will never be in exactly the same place again.

During the story Gilbert is reminded of his situation when Arnie repeatedly cries "where not going anywhere". Arnie is basically speaking the words which Gilbert has pressed deep down inside himself and is afraid to admit. Later on in the movie he is reminded directly by Mrs. Carver, after he asked why she chose him out of all the men in Endora. She replies "because I knew you'd never leave." She is telling Gilbert in a very straight forward way that even she believes out of everyone in the town, Gilbert will be the least likely to leave. Fortunately for Gilbert he uses these observations as inspiration to move on and leave Endora.

Gilbert becomes increasingly interested in Becky, a girl he met after her grandmother's motor home breaks down. Becky is the main source of motivation Gilbert has for leaving Endora. She is constantly telling him of the carefree life she has of moving from one town to another and how good it is to not be tied down to your own life. He is also romantically interested in Becky which is another...
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